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Million Hearts

January 22, 2020


Million Hearts is a nonprofit based around men who put their heart health at the forefront of their lives. The website features so many tools that can be incredibly useful for an inquiring visitor or potential supporters. They also offer information on community-based resources for your area.



Million Hearts’ community-based resources include:

  • The National Diabetes Prevention Program: a CDC program designed to help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes, lower the risk of having a heart attack or stroke, and/or improve overall heart health in men;
  • Walk with a Doc: cardiologist-developed program with a mission to promote healthy physical activity in people of all ages through walking groups led by physicians;
  • Walk with Ease: Developed by the Arthritis Foundation, this resource is offered in a group or solitary setting to help people learn to walk safely;
  • National ParkRx Initiative: this resource encourages people to be physically activity in public places such as parks;
  • GirlTrek: GirlTrek was designed for Black women and girls. Like many of the other resources, it encourages living healthy lives through the simple habit of walking everyday.

Learn and Prevent

The nonprofit lists a multitude of educational resources on their website under their ‘Learn and Prevent’ tab. This informative tab teaches you the risks, costs, and consequences associated with heart health. Other features include ‘Heart-Healthy Recipes’, ‘Healthy is Strong’, and ‘The Scoop on Statins’.


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